Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Note on Scotland (Back to the books tomorrow! Promise!)

So, I have to confess, I haven't actually been to Scotland. But I tried, seriously! So, I thought I'd share the story of how I TRIED to get there back in 2012, because sometimes trips don't turn out the way you plan, but even then you have a story to tell.  :)

I had traveled up to Northern Ireland with two friends of mine, we'd spent the previous day at Giant's Causeway and taking a taxi tour around Belfast to see the murals. Side note: If you can, rent the taxi and go to Giant's Causeway! It was relatively cheap and it was so awesome. I'm sure there will be a forthcoming post on it, but just to tell you right now, DO IT! And cab drivers in Belfast will be more than happy to show tourists around the murals!

Anyway, we'd planned all week to take the ferry from Belfast, pop on over to Scotland, breathe the air, wander around for a few hours and catch the ferry back. All we really wanted to do was to say that we'd actually BEEN to Scotland. 

We had it all planned out, we'd looked up the ferry schedule online, set our alarm clocks, we were going to get there on-the-dot.

Well, I suppose after traveling around the Republic of Ireland for several weeks previously, we got a little used to Ireland-time (if you know what I mean :) ). However, Northern Ireland is on British-time. My friend and I showed up at the harbor a little before the scheduled departure and...the ferry had left early. Without us. And there wasn't going to be another one that would allow us enough time to get back to NI catch our bus back down south. So we had to leave Scotland untouched.

When our friends asked us how Scotland was we simply said, "For the first time in Irish history, something left on time." You see, for the past few weeks we'd been traveling with our classmates, and we learned that "We'll leave at 8" meant, "We'll leave around 10:30." And if someone says "It's an hour walk" that actually means 3 hours. Not in Northern Ireland, unfortunately for us. 

So no Scotland. And, by the looks of the Scottish Referendum, I still have not been to EVERY country in the United Kingdom (Scotland being the only one I haven't visited). Oh well, that gives me something to do on my upcoming travels!

I hope you enjoyed my story, and I'll get back to the book reviewing tomorrow (today has just been crazy!).

Thanks for reading!!! Feel free to comment and tell me how I can improve this blog, I'd love to hear from you!!!


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