Sunday, May 31, 2015

Two Months & Counting in Ireland! My Top Fashion Must-Haves

On 17 May I celebrated my two-month anniversary in Dublin, Ireland.  All in all I'm having a wonderful time, and I'm so happy with the life that I've managed to create for myself here! Further, I've learned a lot. So, I thought I would take some time and share with you a few of the things I've learned (sometimes the hard way) about living in (or visiting) Ireland. First, I thought I would let you in on some fashion must-haves. 

What To Wear
Ireland is famous for having all four seasons in one day. As a door to door fundraiser for a children's charity I'm outside for at least 6-8 hours per day and I've seriously experienced a bright sunny day go to rain showers turn to hail stones turn to a scorching hot day and back again. All in about 2 hours. Here's a few pieces that I've found to be incredibly helpful when navigating the finicky Irish weather:

A Good, Sturdy, "Dublin" Jacket

Me in my "Dublin" jacket
with Queen Elsa from "Frozen"
You can't go wrong with one of these green denim numbers. Everyone wears them here. They are warm enough to protect you against that biting Irish wind, but light enough that you don't feel like you're lugging around another person on your back. I got the one pictured at Penney's for about 15 euro. I wear this thing every single day and it makes me look and feel like a true Dubliner.

A Cross-Body Bag

When navigating the crowded streets of Dublin, it's much easier and safer to have a cross-body bag than just a hand bag that you have to carry. Plus it leaves your hands free to take photos and carry all your shopping bags!

I got the cross-body bag shown in the picture at Penney's (again) for 1 euro! I've since had to buy a new one since I destroyed the zipper on my old one, but they are so handy to have!


This one should go without saying. Wellingtons (or "wellies") are a must have here. Since it rains nearly every single day in Ireland, you're always going to be in need of them. And, since they are so needed around here, they come in every color and design you can think of. 

I definitely make a statement in mine (pictured). I picked them up at Dunne's Department Stores for 15 euro. To make them more comfortable while I'm working I bought some foam insoles to help cushion my feet. I also wear wool socks (another pretty good thing to have) while I wear them so my feet stay warm AND dry. 

I wouldn't suggest bringing your own wellies when you visit, as they're going to take up a lot of space in your suitcase. So, just pick up a pair when you get here, you'll definitely be able to find them. 

Other things that I've found handy to have include a wallet with a change compartment, jumpers/sweaters (lots of them), and tights of every different color.

But one of the most important fashion lesson I've learned is that it doesn't matter what you wear. Everyone has their own distinct style here in Dublin, and you can wear whatever you want, there's no such thing as being "out of style."

Apologies for taking so long to post, it's been a wild ride so far. Thanks for sticking with me and reading this! Love you guys and I'll do my damnedest to get some more posts to you soon!


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