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My Top 5 Favorite Pubs in Dingle, Ireland

If you go to Ireland without going to Dingle, you’re missing not only a great little city, but you’ll be missing out on a great experience. Part of what makes Ireland (and Dingle) great is the pub culture. Unlike many bars in the States, pubs aren’t just for rowdy college kids, they’re for everyone from 18 to 108.

The greatest thing about going to a pub in Ireland? You can walk in alone and walk out with a bunch of new friends. You can celebrate with a stag or hen party (that’s a bachelor or bachelorette party), join a group from Dublin or Galway on holiday, or meet some tourists discovering the city just like you are.

Further, pubs are great places to hear the best of traditional Irish music. Nearly all, if not all, the pubs in Dingle offer up great live performances. If you’re lucky, you may also see some great Irish dancing, as well.  You can’t not have a good time in these pubs. So go out, go over, say hi, and make some new friends!

Here are my top 5 favorite pubs to visit when in Dingle Ireland:

#5 John Benny’s Pub

This was the first pub I went to upon stepping foot on Irish soil. Named after the owner, John Benny Moriarty, this pub was the perfect place to get my first “Irish Pub” experience. Sit at the bar and get yourself your first (and second and third) pint of Guinness, or bring a group and sit in one of the spacious booths in the back.
You may even see John Benny himself, as he works there most nights. We actually met him the first time we went in, and he taught us to say some helpful words in Irish like “Hello” and, most importantly, “Cheers!”

# 4 The Dingle Pub

With a B&B overhead and available wi-fi, this is a great place to be! I remember this pub as being cozy, pretty and fun. With a widescreen television and plenty going on any night of the week, you’re guaranteed a good time.

# 3 Foxy John’s
This pub, for me, was probably one of the most memorable. It operates as a hardware store by day and a pub by night. Get yourself a pint and browse for a new hammer or box of nails. If you've got any home improvement projects going on, this is the place to go to get your supplies and your second wind.
It was here that my friends and I met a stag party from Dublin and ended up going to several other pubs with them. Remember what I said about making new friends in pubs?

# 2 O'Flaherty's
When you step into this pub, you’ll feel like you've stepped back in time several hundred years. A rustic pub near the water, O’Flaherty’s is the best place to start a pub crawl. Sit at the old-fashioned booths or around the tables on barrels and play cards with your friends--or just talk and people-watch.

#1 An Droichead Beag

If you want a happening pub, An Droichead Beag, or simply “Yellow Bar” as we called it, is the place to go. Easily visible by its yellow exterior (hence the “Yellow Bar” reference), An Droichead Beag is like a beacon welcoming everyone in Dingle.
Featured on an episode of Rick Steves' Europe, this pub offers up traditional Irish music every single night and is usually always packed with locals and tourists alike. I promise you’ll have a great experience when you stop by for a pint.

Take in some traditional Irish music!

So there you have it, those are my 5 favorite pubs. There’s way more pubs than these in Dingle, and I encourage you to go to every single one. Get out there and make friends, talk to the locals, and raise pint!

Sláinte!!! (Cheers!)

Thanks for reading! I’ll do my best to get a #TBT to you this Thursday! So sorry that I missed last week!

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